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Junya Ishigami + Associates – Tokyo, Japan

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Audi Urban Future Award 2012

Get to know the participants of the Audi Urban Future Award 2012 and learn more about their relevance to the work of Audi. For instance the architects Junya Ishigami + Associates from Tokyo, Japan.

Audi Urban Future Award

7,5 M

Tokyo has 7.5 million commuters every day, yet the subway rarely ever suffers from delays.

Audi Urban Future Award

Junya Ishigami + Associates – Tokyo, Japan




Junya Ishigami


Teaching position:

Ishigami has been a professor at Tohoku University since 2010.


Company profile:

The office is focused on poetic and visionary architecture. Ishigami functions
on the boundaries between urban planning, architecture and art.


Why are you participating in the 2012 award?

“I think that the time has come when we must find a new concept for the city.
I think the current vision of the city is beginning to fail to meet the environmental
and social needs of modern society, what people have now or what they are looking for. I thought the Audi Urban Future Award was a good opportunity to investigate this.”

What does mobility mean for you?

“I am interested in a free transportation system that is independent of infrastructure, or an invention beyond the infrastructure we currently have. I think it is better to reconsider current transportation on many various levels. I think that mobility is an inherent condition of our freedom; something that we have within ourselves.”

Learning for Audi:

“Ishigami’s visions show us how important it is to think beyond pre-conceived
notions of space and infrastructure. Only then is it possible to develop specific
regional solutions for tomorrow’s mobility.”

Dominik Stampfl works on sustainable mobility within the Strategic
Corporate Planning function.

Source:   Audi Technology Magazine Encounter 2/2012
Text:      Eva Backes
Photos:   Architects

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