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High-speed internet moves up a gear with LTE

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Ten times faster with LTE

Watch a film in HD quality, engage in an action-packed duel in an online game or simply just listen to music – all in your car – thanks to the new data transmission standard Long Term Evolution (LTE). Audi is the first car manufacturer to fully integrate high-speed internet into volume-production vehicles.

Audi LTE

Communication knows no bounds

Sharing large quantities of data is no problem with LTE. It is up to ten times faster than the existing UMTS standard and already available in all major cities and, in particular, in rural areas. And now also in cars: downloads, video conferences or online films – no need to wait until you get home any more. “We would like to offer customers the same levels of comfort and convenience in the car that they are used to at home.” In many cases, the in-car internet will even be much faster than the home or office connection,” explains Christoph Voigt, Head of Development Telephone.


The tailor-made Audi connect services are also benefiting from this increase in speed. The navigation images using Google EarthTM and Google Street ViewTM, for instance, download much faster, while access to the weather forecast or traffic information online is also faster.

Audi LTE

One solution for everything

Audi is the first car manufacturer to offer a fully integrated solution. In order to use LTE, a compatible SIM card, ideally coupled with a data flat rate, needs to be inserted into the corresponding slot in the MMI navigation plus. Two vehicle aerials ensure excellent reception. Passengers can use the LTE technology by connecting their mobile devices to the integrated Wi-Fi hotspot in the car, which will support up to eight devices. Each passenger can surf the web independently and pursue their own interests.


The aim is to provide universal access to the LTE standard by 2015. The Audi S3 Sportback is the first model in which LTE is integrated as standard when purchasing Audi connect. Audi intends to roll out the service gradually in other model lines.

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