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Public charging infrastructure under the microscope

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Showcase project Munich

In towns and cities, parking spaces are often scarce. Most residents do not have their own garage or an allocated parking bay. What impact does this fact have on the everyday use of an electric car? Does the public charging infrastructure currently provide a sufficient number of charging stations? Audi is looking into these questions under the “E-Plan Munich – Residential Parking” showcase project.

Showcase project Munich
Are there currently enough charging stations?

Status quo: charging facilities in conurbations

Private individuals who do not have a regular parking space cannot charge their electric car conveniently at home. These “on-street parkers” have to get by without their own charging point, such as a wall box in the garage for example, and must therefore rely on public facilities. This is frequently the case in urban centres in particular. It is therefore vital to establish how good the charging infrastructure is at present and where there is a need for additional public charging stations.




Showcase project Munich
As the vehicles are handed over, Audi employees show the test users how to charge the cars.

On the road with the Audi A1 e-tron

Fifteen Audi A1 e-tron cars are now on the road for one year under the “E-Plan Munich – Residential Parking” showcase project. The test users live in the historic residential area of Munich-Schwabing and are testing how they manage with an electric car from day to day using only the public charging infrastructure. They are assisted by an app that provides information on the battery charge status and the resulting operating range . This information helps the test users to plan their daily routine.

Charging infrastructure in the future

The aim of the project in Munich is to learn about the expectations and experiences of the test users and to incorporate these findings in future electric mobility concepts for conurbations. Furthermore, Audi is helping the public authorities through this project to find suitable locations for charging stations on public roads.

The findings of the “E-Plan Munich – Residential Parking” showcase project will consequently be channelled into the development of new Audi e-tron cars and into setting up an intelligent charging infrastructure, as well as into traffic planning for electric cars.



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