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“Luft” armchair unites craftsmanship and high tech

Warm, supple leather surrounded by aluminium with its cool, technical feel. A contrast, which brings the perfect balance between craftsmanship and high tech to life, making the “Luft” armchair an oasis of relaxation.

“Luft” armchair
The “Luft” armchair is a place to unwind.

Air lines

“Luft” – the German word for air – is a term that expresses weightlessness and lightness. And also lends itself perfectly as the name for the armchair designed by Walter de Silva, Head of Volkswagen Group Design, in collaboration with the Audi Concept Design Studio in Munich and Poltrona Frau. The inspiration behind the armchair was to create a place to unwind: “In the image of a chair I see order and discipline; an armchair by contrast suggests just the kind of relaxation I’m looking for at the end of a long day at work,” explains Walter de Silva.


Surrounded by an elegantly sculpted aluminium element, which traces the armchair’s contour from the backrest to the legs, the seat section appears to float in the air. The armrests combine with the seat section to create a curved line. Like a bird taking to the air with outstretched wings.

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