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How is a show car created?

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A sheet of white paper and a pencil. It all starts with that. “We’re always drawing, actually. It is the fastest way to express the ideas,” explains Ramos Sellers Sirvent, Exterior Design at Audi, while concentrating on a sketch of a sports car. The ideas for future show cars arise during this phase. The two-dimensional drawings provide the basis for three-dimensional models on the computer, which in a further step are also built in the real world. These clay models are made of industrial plasticine, making them very easy to shape.


But that’s certainly the end of the process. Ulrich Beierlein, Interior Design Coordinator, knows what it all comes down to: “Despite all the perfection and computer work, design is still a handicraft. It is this manual work that imbues the model with perfection and life.” In the end every detail has to be just right. Both in the interior and on the exterior of the vehicle. This is why a large team is involved in the creation process for a show car: CAD modellers, clay modellers and engineers. “It is very intense. This passion for cars is a different side of design,” says Audi designer Baptiste Viry.


Discover how the Audi Sport quattro concept show car was created in our video.

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