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Commuting: Electric mobility for everyday

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Showcase project Nuremberg

Roughly 30 million people in Germany commute to work each day, with most of them travelling less than 50 kilometres. A distance that can also be covered easily on electric power alone. Audi is therefore analysing commuting with the Audi A1 e-tron and also the use of the electric vehicles as company cars in its ‘E-NUE’ showcase project.

Showcase project Nuremberg

Less CO2 through greater vehicle utilisation

The showcase project in Nuremberg is focused on holistic CO2 reduction. The combination of private and company car provides for greater vehicle utilisation and thus reduces society’s CO2 footprint.


Another aspect Audi is studying as part of the two-year research project is how well zero-emissions driving in commuter and company use satisfies range and customer requirements. Particularly with electric-powered pool vehicles, effective communication and coordination between drivers regarding charge status is a must.


Showcase project Nuremberg

Perfect conditions

The Nuremberg region is ideally suited for studying a typical use case for electric vehicles: commuting. Thanks to the proximity of the surrounding communities to the city, the study participants can drive between their homes and work on electric power alone.


As part of the showcase project, Audi is providing businesses in Nuremberg with five Audi A1 e-tron cars, which their employees can use for travel to and from work. During the working day, the electric cars are also used as company cars. In the first phase, the vehicles have been made available to the utility company N-ERGIE as pool vehicles. One year later, the Audi A1 e-tron cars will also be provided to additional companies.

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