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Green wave

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The intelligent way through city traffic with traffic light information online

A clear run! When cars communicate with traffic lights, tedious red phases are a thing of the past. The Audi connect service known as traffic light information online knows exactly when the traffic lights will change and recommends a speed for the driver to adopt.

Ampelinfo online
Traffic light information online recommends the speed required to reach the next green light.

In constant contact

The traffic light information online service is a car-to-x application, an Audi connect service that is based on the car communicating with its environment – in this case, with the infrastructure. The service networks the car with the central traffic computer that controls the traffic lights in the city. The link between vehicle and infrastructure is set up via the mobile phone network. The information displayed on the driver information system enables the driver to see which speed he/she should select in order to pass through the next traffic lights during a green phase. If waiting for a green light, the remaining waiting time is displayed.




How traffic light information online works

Large-scale field trials

The traffic light information online service helps to make driving safer and more relaxed for the driver, while at the same time protecting the environment. Under the Travolution research project in Ingolstadt and the nationwide field trial simTD (safe and intelligent mobility test field Germany), Audi found that it was possible to cut CO2 emissions by up to 15 percent.

In Germany, this would correspond to a saving of around 900 million litres of fuel per year if deployed throughout the country. Audi is now continuing its field trials in the northern Italian city of Verona, in Berlin and in Las Vegas in the US State of Nevada.


Car-to-x communication
Car-to-x technology connects the vehicle with the environment.

Car-to-x communication

Traffic light information online is a service in the field of car-to-x communication. This technology enables vehicles to be connected in various ways via wireless networks: with each other, with their owners and with the infrastructure. As an element of Audi connect, it contributes to a safer and more relaxed driving experience.


Audi’s research in the field of car-to-x communication is precisely targeted. Another example of networking vehicle and environment is the “Audi connect wireless payment” service, which enables the user to pay parking charges without cash. The system has been tested in Ingolstadt, the pilot region, since spring 2013.

Wireless pay with Audi connect
Convenient entry and exit – in future, Audi connect will also pay car park charges.

Wireless payment. With Audi connect.

Under the “wireless payment” pilot project, trial participants can pay their parking charges from the comfort of their own car. To make this work, a radio transponder is mounted on the inside of the windscreen in every test vehicle. This communicates with the parking facilities and produces a “wireless tag” which the reader identifies at the car park barrier. In this way, the driver is relieved of minor chores too, such as the cumbersome task of paying for parking – which can be done from his/her Audi.



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