Audi Hong Kong - Vorsprung durch Technik

Get more from less.

Audi ultra is not just a word or product to us. Audi ultra is an attitude and a part of our DNA. Audi ultra means achieving more with less and dispelling this alleged contradiction in terms.


What sounds like a paradox at first actually gives us the chance to design products, services and processes more efficiently. We are continually improving the performance of all areas of our value chain. At the same time, we are working on sustainable solutions for carbon-neutral, premium mobility of the future. In this way, we are achieving the next dimension in Vorsprung durch Technik.


Born in Le Mans

Our Audi ultra philosophy is particularly evident at the world’s most difficult 24-hour race: Le Mans. Here is where we have proven many times over that efficiency is the key to success. Thirteen victories not only stand for trail-blazing racing sports technology, but also represent our entire corporation.


From the racing series to series production

Efficiency is not just essential to success in motor sports but also to intelligent car production, where, for example, our people and machines work hand in hand. This kind of collaboration ensures our employees are not overloaded with work, and it increases productivity. Thanks the use of regenerative energy and sustainable production procedures, we ensure a holistic process.


More vision – less emission

The Audi e-fuels, a milestone in the development of efficient, innovative fuel solutions, makes us a pioneer in this field. Thanks to cutting-edge technologies, we have been able to develop fuels that save just as much carbon emissions in their production as our vehicles set free in their consumption. In this way, we are demonstrating our high standards in the development of the next generation of high-performance and, at the same time, environmentally friendly fuels.


Audi ultra is reflected every day in our ongoing processes, which we continually enhance, and can be felt in each and every detail. Audi ultra means uniting visionary thinking with innovative technologies and sustainable production for pioneering, premium mobility. Or, in other words, we: Evolve to Audi ultra.


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