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Audi-O-Rama: Parallels between music & automotive industry


Audi´s relationship to music

At the first Audi-O-Rama conference, Giorgio Moroder and Jean Michel Jarre, among others, discussed the sound of the future.


From 20 to 23 November 2015, the first Audi-O-Rama conference, where Audi brought together music legends, journalists and representatives of the music industry to discuss the future of music, took place. Those who took part in the discussion forum included: Giorgio Moroder (a producer of more than 100 gold and platinum albums for such stars as Donna Summer and Blondie in the 1970s and 1980s), Jean Michel Jarre (a pioneer of electronic music with around 80 million records sold worldwide) and Andrew Fletcher (a member of one of the most successful pop bands in the history of music - Depeche Mode).


The conference in Verbier, Switzerland, was geared toward examining various elements of the music industry. The participants debated new sales channels and music markets, as well as different approaches to listening. They also addressed Audi´s relationship to music.

Impressions from the Conference (1)


Impressions from the Conference (2)


A manifesto will follow the conference

Giovanni Persosino, Head of Marketing Communications at Audi, said from the sidelines of the conference: "At this event, we´re discussing the parallels between the music and car industries in order to find out what the future will bring." Perosino explained that both the car industry and the music industry are driven by technology. "And internationalization and digitalization play an important role in both fields."

Audi-O-Rama will take place every two years from now on.

Chris Watson

Founding member of legendary electro/post-punk outfit "Cabaret Voltaire"

Maura Johnston

Writer and founder of her own weekly digital “Maura Magazine” pop culture outlet.

Adam Harper

Academic, musicologist, music critic for “The Fader” and “The Wire”, author of “Infinite Music”

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