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Steepest street: Audi and Red Bull team up to negotiate the world’s steepest street

Driving fun on the "steepest street" even under the most extreme conditions

The four athletes in interview

Canton Avenue is actually just a small side street in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. However, with a 37% gradient it’s the world’s steepest street that the general public can drive along. In cooperation with Red Bull, Audi brought together four athletes and an Audi A4 in a quattro challenge.

Canton Avenue with its 37% gradient is one of the world’s steepest, most challenging streets. This time four Red Bull exceptional athletes participated in the challenge. Among them Audi works driver and DTM champion Mattias Ekström, freestyle skier Bene Mayr, professional snowboarder Heikki Sorsa and downhill mountain biker Aaron Gwin. With action-packed tricks and stunts, these four talented elite sportsmen got to grips with the world’s steepest street.

To add to the challenge, Canton Avenue was prepared with slippery surfaces such as snow, gravel, sand and mud. Can the legendary all-wheel drive rise to the additional challenges? quattro is perfect for all conditions, but read on and find out for yourself!

480x270Mattias Ekstrom

Mattias Ekström: Swedish racing legend and DTM star

 Mattias Ekström demonstrated at the wheel of an Audi A4 quattro that all conditions are perfect conditions. “With such a steep slope there’s no room for error. But I was sure that quattro would take this challenge in its stride,” explained Ekström.


480_2Mattias Ekstrom
Mattias Ekstrom
234x270Bene Mayr
234Bene Mayr, Mattias Ekstrom, Heikki Sora and Aaron Gwin
234Bene Mayr1
234Bene Mayr  2
Heikki Sorsa

Freestyle skier Bene Mayr & slopestyle snowboarder Heikki Sorsa

  The number one in the German freeski scene Bene Mayr and Finnish slopestyle professional snowboarder Heikki Sorsa were equally in their element, demonstrating their skills with athletic creativity.

Aaron Gwin
234Aaron Gwin

Aaron Gwin: US downhill world champion

  World Cup Champion Aaron Gwin was on top form, riding his mountain bike up the 37 percent gradient with its icy surface: “It was great fun although it’s the first time I’ve ridden on snow. But I always relish the opportunity to try out something new,” explained the American.

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