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From preseason to the Bec des Rosses: Get close to the action!

Freeride World Tour - Diaries

Follow the intimate journey of six of the world’s best freeriders from preseason to the Bec des Rosses at Verbier. Feel the pain, transformation, and triumph as these six riders surmount the trials and tribulations of the Freeride World Tour.

Julien Lopez and Nadine Wallner impress with full body awareness

After competing on the highest level of freeriding for many years Julien Lopez is fully aware of the impact this sport has on his body. This motivates him every year to train hard but more importantly train his mental game at the same time.

For the Austrian double world champion Nadine Wallner it is a comeback season from a heavy injury. The road to be back competing on the Freeride World Tour was a learning process which showed her: Either you give it all or you leave it. For Nadine it was clear to go all-in for the love of her sport. Anyway giving 100% is part of her personality.

New challenges for George Rodney and Bene Mayr

This season will offer new challenges for George Rodney and Bene Mayr. After the FWT victory in his rookie season the American is not the underdog anymore. This year all eyes are on him. Over the summer he prepared his own strategy to face the new situation.

The German freeskier Bene Mayr has always been keen on competitions. For years following the freestyle circus he is about to change to the Freeride World Tour. The new challenge ahead fuels his motivation to train even harder.

Jérémie and Estelle’s season preparation

Do you ever wonder how champions like Jérémie Heitz and Estelle Balet land huge airs and ride steep and exposed faces with ridiculous speed?

In this episode we examine the physical and mental preparation necessary to perform on the challenging and diverse venues of the Freeride World Tour.

Estelle Balet and Bene Mayr

A short portrait of the Swiss Estelle Balet and the German Bene Mayr. Both will compete on the Freeride World Tour this upcoming season but their career could not be further apart. The outgoing Valais local Estelle Balet pushed through to the elite on her rookie year on the qualifier series and managed to celebrate her world champion title after only 2 years on tour.



The freeskier from Munich Bene Mayr on the other side has successfully toured the world competing in all major freestyle events and focusing on producing ski movies with his crew “Legs of Steel”. It is going to be an interesting Freeride World Tour season.

Nadine Wallner preparing for her comeback season

This FWT Diaries episode goes behind the scenes with two champions, Austrian Nadine Wallner and American George Rodney. Within the last couple of years Nadine was able to celebrate two consecutive world championship titles before she was stopped by a severe injury while filming in Alaska.


She gives us a personal insight of what went down that day and her strategies for her comeback. It will be exciting seeing her back in her element snow this upcoming winter.

Julien Lopez and Jérémie Heitz

The French Julien Lopez is a fierce competitor since 10 years on the Freeride World Tour. His last season was more than upsetting with literally more unforeseen downs than ups. With a second chance, a wild card, the upcoming season will for sure be his last on the Tour.

On the other hand, young Swiss rider Jérémie Heitz, has still many years to come. Already after a few seasons on tour the Valais local is getting closer and closer to claiming the title, World Champion.

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