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Audi-O-Talks: Interviews from the first Audi-O-Rama conference


Big Talks with leading figures of the music industry

Andrew Fletcher, Jean Michel Jarre and Daniel Miller are sharing their thoughts about the future(s) of music.

Andrew Fletcher |

Keyboard player and founding member of Depeche Mode

Born Andrew John Leonard Fletcher, also known as “Fletch”, he’s a founding member of electronic-teen-pop harbingers – later turned grown-up pop legends – Depeche Mode. Which makes him a legend (and an harbinger) too.


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Daniel Miller |

Music producer and founder of Mute Records

The real genius/honcho/visionaire from the early days of UK new wave. He started his future behemoth company Mute Records literally in his mother’s house dining room – recording a Ballard-infuenced 7” as The Normal (“Warm Leatherette”, later covered by Grace Jones).

Then, he found a teen band called Depeche Mode and decided to “play Phil Spector” with them, turning four dark-glam kids from Essex into planetary stars. He succeeded, as you possibly know...

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Jean Michel Jarre |

Composer, performer and music producer

A true pioneer in the field of electronic music: his 1976 masterpiece “Oxygène” is – for today’s music – like that monolyth in “2001: A Space Odyssey”.

A turning point (both musical and “visual”) without which there possibly wouldn’t be no Daft Punk, no Chemical Brothers, no Jus†iice. And he knows how to get the best from a fireworks’ show, too!

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