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Audi A7 Sportback
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A7 Sportback

奧迪四環 別具一格
全新 Audi A7 Sportback

獨特、無瑕,A7*。從其銳利的鋒芒和多樣性的燈光控制,到其車首前端的單幅式進氣格柵,以及轎跑車般的車身輪廓腰線伸延至車尾,Audi A7 Sportback* 擁有革命性的設計,同時帶出其經典的 quattro 全時四輪驅動基因。通過重新研發,力證真身。

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  • Dynamic in its most beautiful form: From the large surfaces via the sharp edges and the athletically stretched lines, the A7 Sportback signals progressivity from every perspective.

  • The design of a coupé, the space offered by a saloon and the variability of an avant-garde vehicle - the A7 Sportback combines the best of all worlds and is a dynamic all-rounder for business and leisure.

  • Long wheelbase, short overhanging parts. The silhouette of the A7 Sportback is characterised by excitement and athleticism. Distinct contours emphasise the wheels pointing towards the quattro genes of Audi.

  • The long boot door ends with a distinctive, curved lip and integrates a spoiler which extends electrically at 120 km/h. A flat, continuous strip light connects the rear lights to each other and emphasises additional features.

  • The exterior design of the A7 Sportback expresses the new language of design that Audi presented with the Prologue study. Its distinguishing feature is the new design of lights with its own light signature.

  • Groundbreaking design for a pioneering generation: the Audi A7 Sportback combines progressivity, prestige and technological advancement with an overall futuristic concept.

  • From the S-specific front and rear bumpers with S line-specific elements over the S-specific side sills in vehicle colour to lacquer in a spirited metallic Tango Red, the S line exterior package gives the A7 Sportback its extra sporty look.

  • The S-specific front bumper and its S line-specific elements in a honeycomb design, flanked with S line-specific lateral air inlet grilles in matt Titanium Black. Combined with the S line exterior package.

  • For a sporty conclusion: S-specific rear bumpers with S line-specific elements in a honeycomb design, an S line-specific diffuser in matt Titanium Black, as well a tailpipe optic and clamp in chrome.

  • The interior concept of the A7 Sportback convinces with more space and more seat comfort. Compared to the predecessor model, the interior has increased by 21 millimetres and allows for more legroom especially at the rear. At the same time, headroom for passengers has improved.

  • Ambience combined with brightness and friendliness and a greater sense of space: the optional panoramic glass roof with increased transparency.

  • Matt and gloss combined in sportiness: The decors in dark brushed matt aluminium for door panels, dashboard and centre console - framed in bezels with a glossy aluminium look. Available with the S line sports package.

  • Taking care of the last touch of sportiness: Entry slats with an aluminium insert, illuminated at the front and rear, with the S-logo at the front, available with the S line sports package.

  • The Audi design selection offers an aesthetic preselection of special materials and interior colours. For example, the high-quality wooden burl birch decors in natural Agate Grey in combination with interior elements in artificial leather with contrast stitching in Steel Grey.

  • Optionally available with the Audi design selection: Individual contoured front seating in Valcona leather perforated in Pearlescent Beige with tucks and contrast seams in Agate Grey.

  • Hands-free communication in high quality, convenient charging via a USB port or optional wireless charging (Qi standard), integrated into the interior in proper style - the optional Audi phone box is the ideal storage option for your smartphone.

  • The 20-inch aluminium cast wheels in 5 twin-spoke V-design provide for a proper stylish appearance.

  • Unmistakable like you: Make your A7 Sportback unique - with selected designs, coloured leather and individual lacquers from a wide range of colours. Everything is possible with Audi exclusive.


致力提升的空間感:可選配將視野範圍擴大 60% 的全景天幕天窗, 讓你隨時隨地看到廣闊的地平線,明亮的車廂內飾也可讓你如沐浴在柔和的光線中;當天窗關閉時,遮光百葉窗簾可提供 100% 的光線遮蔽從而減低車廂內部熱度,你也可以按照不同需要,舒適地根據光線強度而電動調節光暗。







可因應需求選配 HD Matrix 矩陣式 LED 大燈組——一種全新的、獨特的 A7 燈光設計語言提出數碼化的作用:可在狹窄的空間並列排放 12 個燈段,就像數碼原理般 0 和 1 的關係。



全新 A7 Sportback 彰顯運動跑車及優雅氣質,代表著時尚和新的風格。銳利的車身線條和雙門轎跑車的輪廓表達了強烈的情感。帶有自己 A7 特式的燈光照明彰顯了其漸進的外觀。車頂從遠處的 A 柱延伸,就像一個流動的穹頂覆蓋在跑車身上,並融合為具有魅力的車尾,設有連綿性的 LED 燈光嵌條,即使在靜止時也具有令人難忘的獨特外觀。