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Audi A8 L
Der neue Audi A8 L

A8 L

新款 Audi A8 L

綜合油耗:7.7 – 8.0 公升/100 公里
綜合碳排放:175 – 182 克/公里

請與我們共創未來,將優雅和動感提升到一個嶄新高度的設計,配備了眾多駕駛輔助系統及新款的操作概念,可提供更高水平的平視式操作系統,提供更寬敞的空間。在車廂內後座區,你可配置屬於你自己的私人空間——比以往任何時候都更加靈活和舒適,你會在新款的 Audi A8 L 中體驗到更偉大的奢華。

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  • Audi LTE Advanced connects you with your daily life. With transmission rates of up to 300 Mbit/s.

  • The 3D design OLED rear lights characterise the rear and provide greater safety and improved efficiency with their smooth dimming.

  • From the front, with its wide, upright single frame grill, over the flowing, muscular body to the slightly sloping rear, the Audi A8 L symbolises sporty elegance, high quality and a dynamic status.

  • The Audi A8 L offers its passengers the largest interior space in the luxury class. More space than this does not exist.

  • You can control many media and setting functions right from the back seat. The rear seat remote is a removable 5.7 inch touchscreen with OLED technology.

  • The intuitive touch display in the new Audi A8 L reacts with haptic and acoustic feedabck when you swipe and tap it.

  • Innovative technology and exclusivity in a revolutionary operating concept.

  • The centre of the new operating concept is the 10.1 inch touch display. Furthermore, the new natural language control of the A8 L is an intelligent conversation partner.

  • Perfectly manufactured in exquisite fabric. The interior of the A8 L leaves no desire unfulfilled.

  • Audi exclusive gives you the option of customising your Audi A8 L even more. You become the designer and combine freely available contrast fabrics with different types of leather or select custom exterior paint.

  • 23 Bang & Olufsen Advanced Sound System speakers satisfy all your senses.


新款 A8 L 的豪華設計盡顯聲威和澎湃活力。儘管採用了新款的設計外觀,但仍不忘向傳奇的 Ur-quattro 致敬,尤其是其強大的輪拱設計,盡顯魅力。

The new Audi A8 L, side view.
像所有前作一樣,新款 Audi A8 L 代表著革新的輕型建築技術。採用複合性鋼材及善用空間的框架設計意味著其底盤的整體重量更輕盈。同時,底盤的剛毅性卻增加了三分之一。


新款 A8 轎車的主動式懸掛可在所有駕駛情況下提高駕駛舒適性和駕駛動力。


Generous interior lighting in the new Audi A8 L.