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  • RS Q8
    RS Q8

    Audi RS Q8,為你帶來全新的性能體驗。

  • TTS Coupé
    TTS Coupé

    Audi TTS Coupé 將奧迪的賽道基因發揮得淋漓盡致。由全新的 quattro 智慧型恆時四輪傳動系統操控, 專屬的運動 S 元素極具跑格味,更容易識別。轎跑車的特點從驅動器中的創新技術以及新的控制和顯示概念(包括奧迪虛擬駕駛艙)得以進一步體現。

  • TT RS Coupé
    TT RS Coupé

    Audi TT RS Coupé,帶來極致的運動感。

  • TT RS Roadster
    TT RS Roadster

    Audi TT RS Roadster 開篷跑車, 體驗自由,感受力量。

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Audi exclusive

Audi exclusive.

Audi drivers want something special. Audi exclusive allows you to transform something special into something truly personal. We demonstrate the extent to which Audi exclusive can cater to your individual preferences. How we turn your dream colour into a paint finish. How we turn a striking wood into an interior inlay. And a fine leather into your favourite seat. Stay individual. Stay exclusive.

The look. The feel. Always striking.

Leather is a unique product of nature. Its very touch and feel triggers a relaxing sensation – and also raises the prospect of a trip to remember. Laying eyes on it is always a pleasure: its soft texture seems to gleam in the light. As a seat in your Audi, a piece of leather becomes synonymous with exclusive comfort.

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Designed by nature. Crafted with the utmost precision.

Of all the materials known to man, only wood can lend such a unique atmosphere. When you run your fingers along a fine-pored inlay, you can immediately sense the exclusivity, sophisticated quality and – above all – the time and effort needed to create an object of such beauty.

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The world is aw ash without colour.

The golden hue of a sunset, the red of a fine wine, the green of an emerald ring – all of these colours are available for your Audi’s paint finish. As well as practically every other colour imaginable – just bring a sample of your ideal colour to your Audi partner.

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