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Questions and Answers.

Questions and Answers

Questions about charging

How can I increase my range?

1. Drive smoothly and watch your speed.

2. Use the "Efficiency" drive select mode. This is designed for particularly economical driving.

3. Pay attention to the vehicle level. Reduce aerodynamic drag by lowering the vehicle height with Audi drive select "Sport" or "Efficient" mode.

4. Pay attention to secondary consumers such as air conditioning, radio, headlights, heated rear window. These also use the energy from the battery.

5. Avoid driving with attachments such as roof racks when not required.

6. Use the ECO air pressure.

7. Use the preconditioning (programming the departure time) when the vehicle is still connected to the charging station.

8. Use the range mode (restricted driving).

Why can I only charge with 11 kW at a 22 kW charging station?

Currently, the vehicle has an On Board Charger (OBC) with 11 kW installed. A second OBC is expected to be offered as a chargeable option from Q4/19. Charging with 22 kW is possible with two on-board chargers. With direct current (DC), the Audi e-tron charges as standard with up to 150 kW.

Which battery warranty does AUDI AG give? Is it possible to repair the battery as well?

AUDI AG grants a warranty of 8 years or 160,000 kilometres on the high-voltage battery of new vehicles. The warranty covers all defects with regard to material and work (manufacture). Yes, repair of the HV battery is possible by trained personnel (high voltage experts).

When will the e-tron connect charging system be available?

The integration of the e-tron charging system connect is expected to be available from Q4/19.

What does the charging infrastructure look like under development? Why is there a difference between the app and the navigation in the vehicle?

The charging infrastructure throughout Europe is under development. In the myAudi app you will always find the current status of charging stations. The vehicle is updated quarterly with an up-to-date navigation map update. You will receive information in your MMI as soon as the update is available. This time delay can lead to differences between the myAudi app and vehicle navigation.

Where can I find information about charging stations and how up to date are they?

You can find information about charging stations via the myAudi app or in the MMI under the "Navigation" menu item (max. scala of 750 m). The information about the charging stations via the myAudi app is up-to-date. The data on the MMI is updated quarterly by an online navigation chart update (you will receive information in your MMI as soon as the update is available). Due to the different update frequency it is possible that the data of the myAudi app may deviate from the data of the MMI vehicle navigation.

What do I have to consider in the charging process on a (public) charging station?

In addition to the points listed here, you will find all the relevant information and instructions in your logbook in the menu "High-voltage battery - Charging - Starting charging"

1. The vehicle must be unlocked

2. Press the button above the charging flap to open the charging flap. The charging flap is located on the front fender on the driver's side (optional AC charging socket also on the front passenger side, depending on the equipment). Use the supplied cable from the vehicle (located in the storage compartment under the front flap). The front door release is located in the footwell on the driver's side

4. Plug connector firmly in and hold until it finishes locking (LED pulsates white)

5. Pay for charging (hold RFID card to reader of charging station or start charging via app) and observe information on charging station

Note: only use charge cards (e.g. from the e-tron charging service) that are approved or accepted by the respective provider. If necessary use other providers or credit card

6. Watch charging LED (green flashing = vehicle charging). The legend is located next to the charging socket

7. The charging energy and estimated charging time are displayed in the instrument cluster when the door is opened.

End charging:

8. Unlock the vehicle

9. Stop the charging process on the vehicle by pressing the buttons on the charging socket. If necessary, acknowledge the charging process on the column by stopping the RFID card again - observe the notes on the column

10. Disconnect the charging plug (unlocking capability will soon be indicated by illumination LED above the socket). If necessary, press the button again to unlock

11. Stow the cable in the vehicle again

Questions about the vehicle

What does recuperation mean?

By "recuperation" the vehicle can regain energy. The electric drive works like a generator and converts a large part of the kinetic energy into electrical energy, which is stored in the high voltage battery. Similar to the engine braking effect of a vehicle with an internal combustion engine, the vehicle is decelerated during recuperation. This happens automatically when you depress the brake pedal in step D or take your foot off the accelerator pedal. When you depress the brake pedal, the recuperation is used to decelerate the vehicle. The brake is additionally activated only when it is needed. This makes it possible, when driving at moderate speed, to brake just before coming to a stop exclusively using recuperation and barely lose energy and range by braking.

How does recuperation work?

There is the possibility of automatic and manual recuperation:

1. In automatic use, the electric brake booster automatically distributes the requested braking power between e-machines and disc brakes. As a rule, all braking operations up to a delay of 3 m/s are only carried out via recuperation.

2. The automatic variable recuperation function reduces the speed by recuperation depending on the traffic situation, for example, when a vehicle in front brakes. Also depending on stored route data, if e.g. curves or place-name signs are recognised. You can switch this function on or off in the MMI.

3. Alternatively, it is possible to control the braking effect of the recuperation manually. There are three recuperation levels, which can be adjusted by pressing the shift paddles on the steering wheel. The following applies: pulling the left rocker switch increases the braking effect of the recuperation. Pulling the right rocker switch reduces the braking effect of the recuperation.

What is the stationary air conditioning and how can I use it?

The auxiliary air conditioning system cools or warms up the interior if necessary before starting to drive and thus ensures a very high level of climatic comfort even when getting into the vehicle. The programming or activation takes place via the vehicle menu in the MMI or comfortably via the myAudi app - regardless of whether the vehicle is being charged at the time or not. You can choose between immediate start and the timer function. When unlocking the vehicle with the remote key, a short air conditioning process can also be started. With the optional "comfort stationary air conditioning" option, you can also select your desired temperature and activate the seat heating and ventilation, steering wheel heating and glass surface heating before starting to drive.

After charging, why doesn't my range specification indicate the maximum range according to WLTP of 411 km?

The range display is calculated from the battery state-of-charge, the current thermal conditions and the last consumption values. Due to the high efficiency of the vehicle and the e-drive, any driving resistance is disproportionately high compared to a combustion vehicle. The individual fuel consumption of your vehicle can be found in the myAudi app under "Equipment details/Technical data/Consumption".
The range is influenced in particular by the following factors:

- Thermal conditions (cold/heat)

- Driving behaviour/speed

- Tyres (e.g. winter tyres)

- Road conditions (wet, snow)

- Secondary consumers (heating, seat heating, rear window heating, air conditioning, ...)

- Load (passengers, luggage)

- Side and head wind

Where can I find my individual vehicle consumption value according to WLTP?

The consumption values of your vehicle can be found in the myAudi app under the menu item "Equipment details/Technical data/Consumption".

Where can I see the exact state-of-charge of the battery?

In the MMI menu under "Vehicle/Charging & Efficiency" there is the menu item "Charge..." - this is where you can view the exact percentage state-of-charge of the battery. The charging slider with which you can define the destination level will also be displayed there. There is also the possibility of reaching this submenu by long pressing in the shortcut menu or in the app (at the top level).

Other questions

What materials are the batteries made of?

HV batteries contain many valuable raw materials such as cobalt, lithium and nickel.

What recycling strategy is AUDI AG pursuing with the batteries?

As the heart of the electric car, our batteries are designed for premium quality, safety and all-round vehicle life. The recycled batteries, for example, from our plug-in hybrid models or the pre-series vehicles of the Audi e-tron, are recycled today by various recycling companies in accordance with the respective legal requirements in the markets.