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Some see what’s there. We see beyond. > Audi | Hong Kong Official Website

Some see what's there.
We see beyond.

Seeing the world with different eyes is what drives us. And so we dedicate every waking moment to shaping the future. Each day, we bring the world another little step forward – with our ideas, our passion, and our visions for the future of mobility.

New perspectives

When you look at things differently, new possibilities arise – topics, technologies, and ideas with which Audi is already setting standards for the future.

Woman looking at an Audi e-tron Sportback standing by the sea. Windmills can be seen on the horizon.

Some see design. We see character.

Shapes, materials, and technologies determine the character of every Audi. And the character of every electric Audi model is also visible in the design. Find out more about the design and functions of the Audi e-tron Sportback.

Some just see sheer speed. We see inspirational engineering.

The body of an SUV, the profile of a coupé, and the genes of a sports car: discover the new Audi RS Q8*, a masterpiece of engineering.

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A man stands next to an Audi RS Q8 and gazes into the distance. A skyline can be seen on the horizon.

Some see a factory. We see progress.

Our world and our mobility are facing enormous changes and challenges. We see them as opportunities. By 2050, Audi as a company aims to be carbon-neutral on balance³.

³ In order to achieve carbon-neutrality on balance at Audi plants, four principles are being pursued (in order of importance). First: energy management to continuously increase energy efficiency. Second: converting the technology used at the plants to run on renewable energy. Third: buying energy from renewable suppliers. Fourth: offsetting CO₂ emissions that cannot be eliminated by the previous measures via accredited climate protection projects.

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Some see a new light. We see a new vision.

The light visualizes the brand's core values - progressiveness, sportiness and sophistication to a great extent.

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A man gazes into the distance.

Some just see beautiful lines. We see character.

Shapes, materials, and technologies help shape the character of every Audi. A character that takes form in the minds of our designers. Just like all the ideas that could completely transform the mobility of tomorrow.

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A man gazes into the distance.

Some see a concept. We see potential.

How will we get from A to B in the future? What will it feel like? Concept cars like the Audi AI:ME¹ give us a preview of how visionary interior design could turn self-driving vehicles into new living spaces. And reveal how the mobility of tomorrow is already taking shape today.

¹ The vehicle shown here is a concept car that is not available as a production model.

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"For us, 'Vorsprung' begins in the mind. Every single Audi employee lives the progress in his or her field of expertise that will define the mobility of the future. Every step of the way at Audi is shaped by this forward-looking mindset: We think ahead."

- Hildegard Wortmann – member of the board of management of AUDI AG for sales and marketing
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  • The vehicle shown here is a concept car that is not available as a production model.

  • The new Audi Q5⁴ - a premium combination of sportiness and high everyday usability.

  • In the beginning is always the idea - and a white sheet of paper. With their thoughts, designs and visions, the designers at Audi play an important role to shape Audi's vision of the mobility of tomorrow.

  • The optionally available digital OLED taillights³ of the new Audi Q5⁴ are divided into individually controllable, three-dimensional segments. This enables impressive lighting scenarios and personalizable light signatures.

  • The Audi e-tron Sportback combines sporty coupé design and impressive power (300 kW) with a long range of up to 449 kilometers⁶. (Power consumption, combined¹: 23.8–20.9 kWh/100 km (NEDC); 25.7–21.2 kWh/100 km (WLTP), CO₂ emissions, combined¹: 0 g/km)

  • The Audi RS 7 Sportback is both aesthetic and supreme: The dynamic, wide front with the Audi singleframe gives an idea of the brute force of the V8 TFSI engine (Fuel consumption, combined¹: 11.6–11.4 l/100 km, CO₂ emissions, combined¹: 265–261 g/km).

  • Concept cars like the AI:ME show what the future of mobility could look like. (The vehicle shown here is a concept car that is not available as a production model.)