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Mobility of the future | Audi Hong Kong
Audi RS e-tron GT sports car on a concrete surface in front of futuristic architecture

Audi RS e-tron GT: Combined electric power consumption*: 19.9 – 21.6 kWh/100 km (WLTP)

CO₂ emissions combined: 0 g/km

A new era

The future of mobility does not come from technology alone. New ideas, designs or spatial concepts are always inspired by close interaction with people. That is why we would like to give you an insight into the world of Audi – to show you what moves and inspires us on our path to the future.

The Audi skysphere concept with closed soft top and wheelbase in “Gran Touring” mode

The future is taking shape

Would you like to take a look into the future? Do it. Our concept cars are developed with the aim of providing answers to the mobility questions of tomorrow. After all, these are precisely the questions that are driving us forward even now. How does a vehicle become an interactive space, which innovations and which materials could come into focus – experience this for yourself with our concept cars.

  • 883x496-skysphere_2021_3378_sRGB.jpg
    Experience the future with Audi

    Experience our vision of premium mobility for the future and discover fascinating concept cars.

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  • 883x496-skysphere_2021_3371_sRGB.jpg
    Interactive space and “experience device”

    The Audi skysphere concept* is the brand’s first in a family of concept cars.

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  • 883x496_Heroe-1.jpg
    High-class for the future

    With the Audi grandsphere concept*, the second in a series of visionary concept cars, Audi is showing an interpretation of the sedan of the future.

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The Audi RS Q e-tron, the vehicle for the Dakar Rally, on sand

A new era in motor sport

Motor sport not only writes history – but also the future. We test limits and push boundaries in competition. Many technical concepts can be tested on race tracks for possible future use in series production. This is what we mean by progress – for the Audi brand and also for Audi Sport.

  • 883x496_M01_DAKAR38207_wf10.jpg
    Challenge accepted

    Passion on the one hand, the pursuit of perfection on the other. Celebrate victories and learn from defeats. All of this moves us forward. Experience the world of Audi Sport.

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  • 883x496-desktop-rallye_dakar_seebach-11521B01.jpg
    “We are excited by the extreme”

    We will compete in the Dakar Rally with the newly developed Audi RS Q e-tron* in January 2022. Julius Seebach, Managing Director of Audi Sport, talks about the courage of daring to try something new.

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  • 883x496-desktop-oliver-hoffmann-11921C01.jpg
    “More than just a slogan”

    How can “Vorsprung” be translated for a new age of mobility? Oliver Hoffmann, Member of the Board for Technical Development at AUDI AG, explains what this promise means to him.

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Progress times four

If you want to move forward, you have to push boundaries, change a part of the world – and inspire people in the process. To achieve this, we at Audi define progress in four fields: sustainability, design, digitalization, and performance.
  • 883x496_desktop_AUDI_sRGB_AFA_sh0113_SCAN_L1_v02.900143.jpg
    Take responsibility

    Act more sustainably and completely reshape your thinking in the process. From the supply chain to an inclusive company structure. When it comes to sustainability, every contribution counts.

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  • 883x496-desktop-lichtentstehungsprozess-10821B01.jpg
    Create tomorrow

    For us, design means much more than designing vehicles. We want to open up spaces for new, fascinating experiences – and simplify everyday life for people in the process.

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  • 883x496-dektop-boellingerhoefe-06221B01.jpg
    Digitalize mobility

    Digitalization is the key to tomorrow’s mobility. Many things will become possible via digital channels – opening up fascinating paths to the future.

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  • 883x496-desktop-entwicklungsreportage-wow-gefuehl06721B01.jpg
    Push boundaries

    What seemed impossible for a long time can suddenly become reality – when people question boundaries and dare to try something new.

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Elegant woman next to the Audi RS e-tron GT sports car on a concrete surface in front of futuristic architecture

The future is already on the road

It is not just the exceptional design and impressive electric performance that make the Audi RS e-tron GT special. The Gran Turismo reinterprets refined sportiness – and showcases the style that will shape the brand in the future.

Audi RS e-tron GT: Combined electric power consumption*: 19.9 – 21.6 kWh/100 km (WLTP); CO₂ emissions combined: 0 g/km

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* The vehicle shown is a concept vehicle that is not available as a production vehicle.
^ This vehicle is the Dakar Rally race car, it is not available for purchase.