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Drive For Excellence

With the aim of providing professional maintenance service, we follow every step on AUDI AG’s specialized online technical support and diagnostic system to create a comprehensive checklist and maintenance procedure. Our qualified and experience technical team, alongside with state-of-art technology, is dedicated to provide all Audi owners the most reliable maintenance service.

Regular Maintenance Service

Authorized regular maintenance ensures your Audi’s condition and safety, allowing you to enjoy the best driving experience. According to AUDI AG’s recommendation and driving condition in Hong Kong, it is recommended to visit our service centre for regular maintenance every 12 months or 15,000km whichever comes first to guarantee its optimum condition, maximum fuel saving performance and safety.

Service covers the following inspections:
- Engine
- Tyres
- Under Body
- Brake System
- Electrical System
- Vehicle Body & Exterior
- Miscellaneous

Computer Software Update on Vehicles


Audi professional service means: It’s good to know there’s something you can rely on.

Find a smarter way drive an absolutely brilliant car. Come to Audi car check with software update now.

- Proper periodic check keeps your car in optimum condition. To help prolong the life of your vehicle, come to Audi Service for a regular car check with software update to ensure that your vehicle is always being in the loop, guaranteeing outstanding performance, durability, safety and efficiency.

- Superior technology demands expert service and highest level of expertise. Based on AUDI AG’s comprehensive procedures and specialized diagnostic equipment, the computer it's hooked up will scan through every module inside of the car and determine if any of the modules need an update.

- We understand our technology better than anyone, come to Audi car check with software update now. Enquiries and booking, please contact our Audi Service Centre.