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  • RS Q8
    RS Q8

    Performance in a new dimension. The Audi RS Q8.

  • TTS Coupé
    TTS Coupé

    The Audi TTS Coupé is bursting with sports car genes. Dynamic driving even controlled - by the new quattro permanent all-wheel drive. The design is individualized by S-specific elements and instantly recognizable. The innovative technologies in the drive, as well as new control and display concepts - including the Audi virtual cockpit - characterize the Coupé.

  • TT RS Coupé
    TT RS Coupé

    Ultimate sportiness. The Audi TT RS Coupé.

  • TT RS Roadster
    TT RS Roadster

    Experience freedom, feel the power. The Audi TT RS Roadster.

Audi sustainability

Audi sustainability

Every contribution counts

Doing business sustainably is one of the great challenges of our age. Every contribution counts in setting things straight and creating the crucial change. We at Audi want to offer our customers the best form of sustainable mobility and, in addition, to act consistently in a sustainable way in all areas of the business.

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    How Audi is conserving resources

    Audi is already reducing CO2 emissions at the start of the value chain and is pursuing this path together with its suppliers. There is great potential here, especially with steel, aluminium and batteries.

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    How Audi is driving forward carbon-neutral production

    By 2025 all Audi plants should be completely carbon neutral. That is already the case at our Brussels plant. Other measures, such as the treatment of process water and the recycling of waste, are gradually helping all Audi’s plants to work in a more environmentally friendly way.

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What Audi is bringing to the road

In the next few years Audi will extend the programme of e-models in the premium car segment. As well as all-electric models, plug-in-hybrid vehicles are being manufactured. Audi successfully laid the foundation for all-electric models back in 2018 with the e-tron. The company unveiled the second model in its e-tron series, the new Audi e-tron Sportback.

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    How Audi is living sustainability in the business

    By the year 2025, Audi will have established its ‘Together4Integrity’ programme in all areas of the business. The programme combines corporate culture, compliance and integrity. The ‘consistently team’ is also part of the sustainable culture change.

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    How Audi is acting sustainably whilst being economically successful

    Sustainability is a priority not only for Audi, but also for today’s premium customer. That is why the company will be offering carbon-neutral premium mobility in all model areas in the long-term. With the integration of ethical, ecological and social aspects Audi is taking the next step into an electrifying future.

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