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Autonomous driving

Autonomous driving

A driverless future:

Relaxed driving, more road safety, less congestion and environmental impact: Autonomous driving, thanks to its many advantages, is one of the most important fields of development at Audi. Over 15 years of ongoing research and testing are continuously incorporated into series development.

  • E-TRON_2020_0114_1920x1080.jpg
    The MQ! Innovation Summit imagines the world of tomorrow

    The ideas we have are only as good as the people they come from, so we at Audi are committed to bringing together the brightest minds to shape the future of mobility.

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    Audi Hackathon: 30 intense hours for sustainable mobility concepts

    During the first Audi Remote Hackathon, 25 experts developed sustainable mobility concepts — in only two days. Here, you can learn more about the event in retrospect.

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    5G internet: fast networks for safer driving

    Get connected! Audi is developing, testing, and supporting standards for 5G networks. This interview gives insights into the connected mobility of the future.

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  • 1920x1080-teaser-bits-and-pretzels-audi-innovations-2019-CV_3221.jpg
    Bits & Pretzels 2019: off to the future with AI and autonomous driving

    At the founders conference Bits & Pretzels, innovators from Audi show how they want to design the future. We present two of the ideas here.

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  • 1920x1080-teaser-audi_IAA_00259.jpg
    IAA 2019: Audi presents a concept car and the RS 7 Sportback

    Electric off-roading and HP: Audi presents the electric Audi AI:TRAIL concept car as well as the Audi RS7 Sportback along with many new innovations.

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  • 1920x1080-desktop-concept-car-audi-aitrail-Gotland23067_1.jpg
    The Audi AI:TRAIL — Audi concept car 2019 and the great outdoors rolled into one

    In the concept car Audi AI:TRAIL, Audi focused on futuristic design, autonomous driving, electric mobility — and close ties to nature.

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Concept Cars

New concept cars with mobility and technical concepts or design visions for the world of tomorrow.
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Artificial Intelligence

  • audi-jpk-kunde-teaser-mobile-1920x1080.jpg
    At home in the markets

    China’s high-income middle class is growing and thriving – and with it the premium car market. Audi aims to benefit from this trend. The key to success: learning from the customer.

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  • 1920x1080-desktop-digitalization-5g-teaser.jpg
    5G technology: unleashing the robots

    5G technology is fundamental to industry 4.0. Audi and Ericsson are researching one of the first use cases for automation using 5G. Read on to learn how 5G technology is unleashing the robots.

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  • 1920x1080-teaser-experience-audi-linz-CityRenderFinal.jpg
    Creative clashes open up new perspectives

    Can robots be creative? Feel? Love? And why do so many of them operate incognito? A talk with Christopher Lindinger, Director Research & Innovation at the Ars Electronica Futurelab in Linz.

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Initiative &Audi

The Audi initiative for a responsable use of new technological developments such as autonomous driving and artificial intelligence.
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Digital Services

  • DigitalBusiness_ENG.jpg
    Everything will be connected in the automotive future

    A look at a future in which car manufacturers have reinvented themselves through digital business models. As mobility providers.

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    Audi and Microsoft discuss the new role of IT

    Audi CIO Frank Loydl discusses the new role of IT as strategy-driver with Sabine Bendiek, Managing Director of Microsoft Germany.

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    Audi myMemories

    The new digital Audi Service myMemories is to make it possible to experience real moments digitally: Individual driving experiences are captured, prepared and shown to the customer in real time as a personalised memory.

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